“The mess we inherited” – some facts with which to fight the Tory Big Lies

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Posted on 19 August 2013 By Alister Campbell

​​ I am indebted to Professor Vernon Bogdanor, who among other things was David Cameron’s tutor at Oxford, for drawing my attention to a recent report by the LSE Growth Commission. Anyone who looks at the mix of academics, business leaders, economists and banking experts on the Commission will be unable to dismiss them as Labour stooges.

Professor Bogdanor had read my recent blog suggesting Labour need to do more to rebut the Tory attack on the so-called ‘mess we inherited,’ and so thought I would be interested in the Growth Commission’s overwhelmingly positive view of the economic performance of the Labour government between 1997-2010 – and, in particular, between 2007-10. Indeed I am. Among its conclusions:

– British economic performance was strong throughout the period of Labour government, and GDP per head grew faster in the UK than in France, Germany…

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The Mary Moss Elm Guest House VIP Paedophile Party List: UK Establishment Closes Ranks as Organised Child Sex Abuse Network Leads Back to No. 10

As this unravels, the “great and the good” are closing ranks. Justice? I think not!

A Conspiracy So Monstrous

elm house

Yet more revelations that are rocking the very foundations of the British establishment and the entertainment industry. Some of the names of those allegedly involved should come as no surprise at all.

A large number of rich and powerful VIPs would attend these parties where mostly White Working Class Boys were trafficked from local Care Homes to be sexually abused and raped during perverted “parties”. Several Boys have reported that they were forced to dress up as girls and/or fairies for these sordid “parties”. The Boys were also plied with alcohol and drugs.

Following Carole Kasir’s suspicious death from an insulin overdose in 1990 at the age of 47 two Social Worker friends of hers gave disturbing evidence at her inquest. Mary Moss and Christopher Fay made serious allegations of Child sex abuse by rich, powerful People at Elm Guest House. There are also two local Boys still missing…

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Eugenics is hiding behind Hitler, and informs Tory policies.

Never confuse intelligence with education. Eugenics is the product of the fevered educated idiot. Steven Hawkins would qualify as one for the gas chamber! As would Albert Einstein! “Survival of the fittest” means more than survival of the richest.

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One of the commentators on this site raised some interesting issues, in response to part of an article that I wrote, which warrant some discussion.

I had said: “Eugenics is now an economic act, carried out by a government that has rigged the neoliberal market, the act of murder simply requires policies that leave the vulnerable without support to meet their basic survival needs, denial from government that this is happening, and then it’s just a matter of withholding or hiding the evidence…..  the Right are and always have been Social Darwinists.”

The response: “I think you exaggerate a bit by bringing in eugenics – which was a deliberate attempt to wipe out/sterilise large proportions of the poor, whereas here it’s only a side effect that the powerful aren’t particularly concerned about.

There is a strong sense of the ‘deserving and undeserving poor’ in Tory narratives though, and I find the…

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