Cameron’s Nudge that knocked democracy down: mind the Mindspace.

The ‘nudge unit’ has been of concern to me for some time. I think it should be more widely publicised given the nature of the risks it poses to us all. The students I studied with wanted a psychological ‘edge’ for their business marketing strategies and read, feverishly, any literature promoting ‘psychological selling’! I rue the day our lecturer introduced these youngsters to conditioning!

Politics and Insights


There is a clear pattern of alarming and extremely anti-democratic policies being formulated by the Coalition that are designed to protect the interests of the very wealthy; to stifle debate, challenges and opposition; to permit political and corporate corruption whilst obscuring it; to restrict access to justice for victims of government and corporate corruption and oppression; to remove accountability and transparency, and there is also an increasing detachment of policies from wider public needs and interests.

One of our fundamental freedoms, as human beings, is that of decision-making regarding our own lives and experiences. To be responsible for our own thoughts, reflections, intentions and actions is generally felt to be an essential part of what it means to be human. Of course there are social and legal constraints on some intentions and actions, especially those that may result in harming others, and quite rightly so.

There are other constraints which…

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