No money, JSA claim not even processed yet forced to work for nothing.

We’re returning to the Vctorian age at an alarming rate! Similar tactics were used to take people off the land and work in factories for subsistence level incomes just to enrich the already rich! Work or starve seems to be the order of the day! I feel another Peterloo rapidly approaching!

The poor side of life

This happens all the time now. Even before your claim is processed people are forced to go on work placements miles away from their local town. Here’s what happened.

A lady that comes along to our demos occasionally contacted me yesterday. She lives with her partner and both were previously claiming ESA. Their claims were stopped because they missed attending an interview because they went to a babies funeral. This baby was a family member and they were heartbroken. They had informed the Jobcentre who said that it was ok to go and that they had noted it. They hadn’t noted it. Instead their money was stopped. As a result their claim was stopped and they’ve been made to make a new claim. They were also persuaded not to claim ESA but to claim JSA. Disgusting but I wasn’t there to advise them, otherwise I would have told them not…

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