Responsio: Carol Malone’s article on Jeremy Corbyn and why it was completely wrong.

Breath of fresh air!!!


For a long time now, I have considered myself a Blairite of the old era; I think Tony Blair made some very good decisions and I am a great admirer of his. I feel I should preference this article by saying that, despite my support for Blair, everything changed in 2008. Where fear rules (like during recession) the Conservatives will thrive. Blairism was, to put it quite simply, a “one era pony”.

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The article which I am going critique, which makes several harsh remarks about Jeremy Corbyn was written by Carol Malone on page 25 of the Sunday Mirror (released on 26/07/2015). The article was entitled “A lurch to the left will never be right” and under Carol Malone’s name at the top of the page, we were informed that her column was “telling it like it is.”

So, I thought I would write an article to…

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From the Welfare Reform Bill to totalitarianism and oh dear

A much more articulate piece than I could write expressing the fears I’ve long held. Corporates are the ultimate controllers of the state and the puppet governments are an illusion of false hope for the rest of us. All of this paves the way for TTIP, TiSA and other tradde agreements giving corporates powers over and above any signatory sovereign state in a legal system transcending statute laws and constitutions.