Responsio: Carol Malone’s article on Jeremy Corbyn and why it was completely wrong.

Breath of fresh air!!!


For a long time now, I have considered myself a Blairite of the old era; I think Tony Blair made some very good decisions and I am a great admirer of his. I feel I should preference this article by saying that, despite my support for Blair, everything changed in 2008. Where fear rules (like during recession) the Conservatives will thrive. Blairism was, to put it quite simply, a “one era pony”.

(Wikipedia) (Wikipedia) Tony Blair

The article which I am going critique, which makes several harsh remarks about Jeremy Corbyn was written by Carol Malone on page 25 of the Sunday Mirror (released on 26/07/2015). The article was entitled “A lurch to the left will never be right” and under Carol Malone’s name at the top of the page, we were informed that her column was “telling it like it is.”

So, I thought I would write an article to…

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From the Welfare Reform Bill to totalitarianism and oh dear

A much more articulate piece than I could write expressing the fears I’ve long held. Corporates are the ultimate controllers of the state and the puppet governments are an illusion of false hope for the rest of us. All of this paves the way for TTIP, TiSA and other tradde agreements giving corporates powers over and above any signatory sovereign state in a legal system transcending statute laws and constitutions.

No money, JSA claim not even processed yet forced to work for nothing.

We’re returning to the Vctorian age at an alarming rate! Similar tactics were used to take people off the land and work in factories for subsistence level incomes just to enrich the already rich! Work or starve seems to be the order of the day! I feel another Peterloo rapidly approaching!

The poor side of life

This happens all the time now. Even before your claim is processed people are forced to go on work placements miles away from their local town. Here’s what happened.

A lady that comes along to our demos occasionally contacted me yesterday. She lives with her partner and both were previously claiming ESA. Their claims were stopped because they missed attending an interview because they went to a babies funeral. This baby was a family member and they were heartbroken. They had informed the Jobcentre who said that it was ok to go and that they had noted it. They hadn’t noted it. Instead their money was stopped. As a result their claim was stopped and they’ve been made to make a new claim. They were also persuaded not to claim ESA but to claim JSA. Disgusting but I wasn’t there to advise them, otherwise I would have told them not…

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The 2.25 Million Hidden Unemployed People Reveals The Stark Truth: There’s No Fucking Jobs

When are we going to stop this DWP nonsense?

the void

jc-tweets1jean1 A senior DWP manager has a motivational meltdown on twitter.

According to the latest statistics there are currently 1.84 million unemployed people.  There are also 1.3 million people working part time because they cannot find a full time job.  Nearly half a million people who are officially employed work less than six hours a week.  Over 100,000 so-called employed people are actually on unpaid workfare.

But even this only tells half the truth about the number of under and unemployed people in the UK.  There are a staggering 2.25 million people who are ‘economically inactive’ and want a job but who are not included in the unemployment figures.  That means the true number of unemployed people, if unemployed is defined as not having a job and wanting one – which is how it should be fucking defined – is over four million.

The reason you never hear of the missing…

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Our discussions

Our discussions.


Cameron’s Nudge that knocked democracy down: mind the Mindspace.

The ‘nudge unit’ has been of concern to me for some time. I think it should be more widely publicised given the nature of the risks it poses to us all. The students I studied with wanted a psychological ‘edge’ for their business marketing strategies and read, feverishly, any literature promoting ‘psychological selling’! I rue the day our lecturer introduced these youngsters to conditioning!

Politics and Insights


There is a clear pattern of alarming and extremely anti-democratic policies being formulated by the Coalition that are designed to protect the interests of the very wealthy; to stifle debate, challenges and opposition; to permit political and corporate corruption whilst obscuring it; to restrict access to justice for victims of government and corporate corruption and oppression; to remove accountability and transparency, and there is also an increasing detachment of policies from wider public needs and interests.

One of our fundamental freedoms, as human beings, is that of decision-making regarding our own lives and experiences. To be responsible for our own thoughts, reflections, intentions and actions is generally felt to be an essential part of what it means to be human. Of course there are social and legal constraints on some intentions and actions, especially those that may result in harming others, and quite rightly so.

There are other constraints which…

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